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Church of the Holy Comforter

 Nature Sanctuary

We envision a spiritual green space to welcome everyone to enjoy and appreciate nature. We ask volunteers to collaborate in a community art installation and create sculptures to dedicate to the land. 


Clay sculpture 10-11 am


Garden Cleanup 11-1pm

Upcoming Events



Our mission is to teach communities the importance of caring for nature and to help protect the environment for everything's future.

By removing trash, invasive plants, and mending the soil, we shall be able to start the restoration process of healing this green space.

By incorporating native woodland plants into our design, we will preserve biodiversity. By doing so, this garden will nurture and help aid our existing wildlife. 


Our vision is to build an interactive environment with plants. Color, texture, and form will be used to emphasize the natural beauty of the earth. 

We dedicate every workday to create a sculpture to be a part of a larger art installation to display when the clean-up is done. Using clay, we work with one of the natural elements of earth, soil.

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Hosted by the Wheaton Park Bridge Organization.

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